Mad Max : Fury Road and its non reliance on too much CG.

So.  At one end of the spectrum (and in this author’s opinion it is by far the wrong end) we have George Lucas and his ill-fated Star Wars prequels – were I to show you a compilation of pre-effects shots from those, it would mostly be Sam Jackson talking to a stick while walking slowly and looking sad in an entirely green room – AND YOU KNOW THAT I’M RIGHT.

This is why films that rely entirely on CGI hardly ever work – a set that is virtual does not feel ‘real’ – possibly because the camera does not appear to follow a logical movement, possibly because scenes are slightly more forced or – in the case of Star Wars : The Meh Does Something – its the Muppets in Space with a higher budget.

So to counteract that, please get yourself a coffee and have a look at this MASTERPIECE by George Miller.  These are the pre-effect sequences (or at least some of them) from Fury Road, as well as some stunt tests and placement tests.  I bet you find this more watchable than Annie Skywalker’s Lego spaceship battle in the third prequel…

How was it for you?
This five minute video is really all that you need to know about why it is so important for traditional effects, traditional (and well trained) stunt people and pryro teams to work WITH CG effects teams. Fury Road if it had been done mostly on computer would never have had the sheer awesome feel, emotion and roughness that this film needed to convey.
Go on, you can watch it again now if you like. I know you want to.

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