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The Water Temple 1 – Unreal Engine 4. Timelapse and Full Video.

Check out the timelapse above - this is a short build demonstration, in this example I show how to make a scene of a visual water temple to get you used to the tools.  During the process of building I use several packs including The Sculpted Rock Pack, The Grasslands Pack (free) and the Water Planes pack.

The full video, which you can watch (on the right) is just under an hour long with full audio.  If you would like to support then please consider purchasing the download of the HD video which you can play on any compatible device for just $1.50.  All your help running 3d-palace and its associated facebook pages is very much appreciated.

Full Video with Audio

If you would like to support 3d-palace then you can buy the full HD video for this set to download right now for just $1.50.

Pretty cheap AND it helps support 3d-palace too!  Go on, give it a go!

August 23, 2016
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